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Wheels To Prosper

What Is Wheels To Prosper?

The Wheels to Prosper initiative was started by automotive shop owners who are changing the reputation and quality of service in the automotive repair and service industries. The Wheels to Prosper initiative awards a worthy and deserving person from the community a car that has been fully serviced and in good working condition. The selection is made from recommendations and nominations from people in the community of those who continuously contribute and give back to others in their community. The Nationwide Car Giveaway takes place every year on the last Saturday of July.

About Wheels to Prosper

It was a sunny day in March 2011. I [Dino] called my friend Jody Satchel with A & J collision for help with doing a car give away. Jody has done a few so I thought I would call the expert for help. He gave me lots of ideas, so I went to work on putting on my first car give away. I was having trouble with a name for it and I hit a wall. A couple weeks later Jody called me on his way home from work and he said he came up with a great name for the giveaway it was WHEELS TO PROSPER. I was grateful for I had trouble on the name and Wheels to Prosper was it!

The word prospers means to thrive and that is what we wanted people to do when they received the car was thrive. When we got to the convention we announced the Wheels to Prosper nationwide car give away and we got 9 other shops to do it with us. We plan to grow the number of shops and keep giving cars to deserving people every year on the same day at the same time. So that is the story on how Wheels to Prosper got started.

Please visit www.wheelstoprosper.com for more information.

Submit a Wheels To Proper Nominee

Use our contact form to submit your nominee for the Wheels To Prosper program. Write your Nominee's name and story in the comments.