Breast Cancer Awareness

Brakes for Breasts

Throughout October Automotive Repair Shops Across The Country Are Looking To End Breast Cancer With A Unique Fundraising Campaign.

Bovan's Auto Services and other Independent Auto Repair Shops across the US are raising funds for a BREAST CANCER VACCINE as part of the Brakes for Breast Campaign.

This is our 4th year of participation and our goal is $1500.00

As part of the fundraiser, Bovan's Auto Services and other auto repair facilities are
Giving Away 1 Set Of FREE (Quality) Brake Pads Or Shoes.
Customers simply pay the labor and any other ancillary parts necessary to complete the brake job and the shops donate 10% of the brake job directly to the

Cleveland Clinic Breast Cancer Vaccine Research Fund.

100% of what we donate goes directly to research!

Dr. Vincent Tuohy and his team at the Cleveland Clinic have successfully tested a Breast Cancer Prevention Vaccine in his lab and are working to take it to human trials in late 2016!!
Please help us support Dr. Touhy's research and help create a world where your daughters and granddaughters will never have to worry about the tragedy of facing breast cancer.

Additionally, this research is also spearheading a vaccine for ovarian, prostrate, and other cancers!

This is groundbreaking – don't miss out on a chance to make a difference!

For more information about the Breast Cancer Vaccine and a list of participating shops go to download our "Brakes for Breasts" app to your smart phone and like us on Facebook!

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