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How Does Our Digital Shop Benefit You?

Our digital shop provides you with all pertinent information based on the most thorough inspections and accurate diagnoses of your vehicle. With our digit system you see exactly what the technician is seeing when performing the vehicle inspection. This also provide transparency regarding the health of your vehicle.

Every vehicle digital vehicle inspection provides:

  • Comprehensive inspection with photos and video
  • Visual verification of the exact issues affecting the vehicle
  • Sharing of all information, including repair procedures required
  • Education on a vehicle's overall system and operations
  • Demonstrations of how damaged or worn-out part affects safety
  • Future repair recommendations ranked for priority and urgency
  • Information that conveyed on vehicle status every step of the way
  • A choice of communication via text, email, phone
we accept all major credit cards
we offer complimentary wi-fi
we offer complimentary wi-fi